From idea to space and back in a few months

Have an idea?

Propose your idea to Argotec, we will take care of it helping you to get in touch with Space Rider.

Argotec services

  • Idea evaluation and feasibility study
  • Resource management with respect to power budget, mass, volume allocation, and environmental constraints
  • Scheduling of all the milestones necessary to transform your idea into a payload ready to fly

Make it real!

Argotec supports you in all aspects of your project development with tailored services.

Argotec services

  • Support in the preparation of the technical documentation requested for the use of Space Rider
  • Periodic technical feedback
  • Complete interface between the project customers and Space Rider program

Additional technical development support:

  • Mission analysis: requirement definition and management, cost & risk analysis
  • Design: qualified team able to support the development phase using advanced engineering tools
  • Procurement and manufacturing: support in the management and control of the procurement and manufacturing processes
  • AIT&AIV: possibility to use Argotec facilities (e.g. Clean Room ISO 5 qualified, TVC, Electronic lab) or to contact partner companies
  • Quality: process management adhering to EN 9100 standards
  • Safety: support in the development of a payload with. ESA approved safety standards

...3...2...1 lift off!

Your payload will be shipped from our facilities to the launch pad and launch on the Space Rider vehicle.

Argotec services

  • Support in the management of all the technical documentation required to support the program development
  • Door-to-door delivery through trusted partners that ensure compliance with the ESA Q-ST-20-08C1 quality standards
  • Integration in the Space Rider cargo-bay

Enjoy space, and keep in touch

Space Rider can remain in orbit for a 2 month period. During its mission, it will make information and data accessible for users on Earth.

Argotec services

  • Dedicated area on website and mobile app to send and receive data
  • Argotec Mission Control Centre connected to the DSN, with the possibility to extend this connection to ESTRACK network
  • Expert team supporting data management

Welcome back

Space Rider will return to a known location on land. The cargo bay is easily accessible and your payload can be returned to you almost immediately.

Argotec services

  • Prompt payload inspection
  • Dedicated delivery of your payload to your facilities
  • Support for post mission analyses

The cargo-bay will host most of the payloads

Space Rider flies for 2 months in a circular 400 km orbit. Mission ends with a controlled re-entry and landing. Your payload can be shipped back to you in a few days.

Brand promotion

Space Rider can support the ADV of your brand:

  • Fly your logo
  • Take your products into space, as accessories, food&beverages, appliances, luxury goods, healthcare products, etc.
  • Test your new technologies and materials
  • Promote your brand using the Space Rider image and possibilities

Technology and experiments

On Space Rider you can perform a variety of experiments related to subjects such as:

  • Earth science
  • Space physics
  • Astronomy
  • Material sciences
  • Life sciences

And everything related to microgravity

In orbit demonstration and validation

Space Rider helps you increase your Technology Readiness Level (TRL), validating your product TRL directly in space.

Small satellite

Space Rider deploys CubeSats and small satellites in a 400 km circular orbit. Inclination can be varied depending on client necessity.

Precious memories

Space Rider can bring your precious memories to space. You can send to space anything that your heart desires, from your family portrait to your wedding ring.

Argotec will take care of everything

Design and engineering

Argotec will help you to design and engineer your idea or prototype to be compliant with the technical and quality standards required for space project. These addictional services include:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Procurement
  • Integration, Test and Qualification

All the services can be tailored according with your specific needs.

Launch and operations

The basic service provided by Argotec includes:

  • Concept validation and feasibility study
  • Request management and payload allocation on the next available flight
  • Basic technical support during development phase
  • Integration with Space Rider
  • Shipment and bureaucratic support from our facilities to the launch pad
  • Mobile app to track your payload and send or receive data and telecommands

PR & Communication

Our partner Punto Rec Studios will offer communication support to promote your project, your brand and your company.

Dedicated services

For any other kind of request, Argotec provides all its know-how and staff support to meet your needs.

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